Inter-Acting is a non-profit organization using improvisation to help children with autism to become socially more resilient and self-confident.

Inter-Acting is an initiative of the ChildCenter Foundation in collaboration with Boom Chicago.

Pim Donkersloot, director of the ChildCenter Foundation and founder of Inter-Acting, is an educational psychologist who studied at the University of Amsterdam and specializes in autism and related disorders. Donkersloot, father of 3 children - two of whom are on the autistic spectrum, has written two books on autism. He has also been trained by dr. Stanley Greenspan in the Floortime approach. He is also a supervisor at the RINO Training Institute

Saskia Maas is CEO of the Amsterdam comedy institution Boom Chicago. She is also one of the founders of Inter-Acting, which teaches children with autism social skills and understanding through improvisation. Her TED talk explains the role improvisation can have in the development of children with autism:

Inspired by her youngest son, she saw that Boom Chicago's improvisation on stage would be valuable for students on the autism spectrum. InterActing encourages autistic young people to break out of their prefered patterns to embrace the unexpected.

Fotografie: John Dekker
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